NACLA Returns to Print!

Check out a preview of the upcoming print issue of NACLA Report on the Americas.

April 6, 2016

What a difference a year makes! After having to halt production of our flagship magazine last spring, we’re thrilled to announce that through a new partnership with the publishing company Routledge, the NACLA Report on the Americas will be returning to print at the end of this month! Check out a sneak peek of our relaunch issue:

NACLA Report 48.1

As we relaunch the NACLA Report, our primary mission remains the same as it has been for nearly five decades: to provide a space for critical reflection, debate, and analysis about the place of the U.S. in Latin America, and more and more, the role of Latin America in the U.S. As ever, your support will be critical.

Our relaunch couldn’t come at a more critical time. While the past year has been one of return for NACLA, for the Left in power in the Americas it has been one of retreat. From Venezuela to Argentina to Bolivia and elsewhere, Latin America’s “left turn”—celebrated by some, maligned by others, everywhere debated—has faced one major political setback after another. In its wake challenging questions have surfaced: What happened? What comes next? And how should progressives respond?

These questions are at the heart of our upcoming issue, “Solidarity Pa’ Siempre: Rethinking Solidarity in the Americas.” And as you’ll see in the Table of Contents for our relaunch issue, we are approaching them with our characteristic critical edge, assembling the kind of impressive range of activists, scholars, journalists, and artists that has long marked NACLA’s unique blend of voices. And we are already hard at work on future Reports, featuring pieces on topics as important as capitalism and the drug wars, Latinx politics in the 2016 US elections, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s impact on regional politics, economics, and the environment, among many others. You won’t want to miss any of our upcoming coverage.

We are also very pleased to invite you to a celebration of the relaunch of the magazine in New York City on May 27, 2016, to coincide with the 50th annual Latin American Studies Association conference. More details are forthcoming, but please save the date and plan to join us there for the festivities!

We know you are as excited about this news as we are. You can rest assured that as we enter into this publishing partnership, NACLA will maintain complete editorial autonomy, and we remain an independent, non-profit, activist organization —one that needs your support. You can show your support for NACLA in this new era by donating or by subscribing to the NACLA Report via Routledge on our soon-to-be live page. If you would like to take out a new subscription of the magazine sooner, you can email Routledge’s Subscription Department at with the subject line "NACLA Report subscription."

We thank all of our subscribers, contributors, and financial supporters who have long stood by us over these last five decades, and through this last year. Your support has been, and remains, critical to our mission.

Thank you, and long live NACLA!

Alejandro Velasco is Executive Editor of NACLA. 

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