The Latin East

Read contributions from the panelists on "The Latin East," conference and publishing collaboration, speaking this weekend at New York University. 

April 27, 2018

Couldn’t make it to the conference, or want to read the authors’ contributions to NACLA, MERIP, and Jadaliyya? Their articles are available open access for a limited time for your perusal. You can follow along below:

Friday, April 27:


Alejandro Velasco, Omar Dahi, Sinan Antoon, and Laura Weiss: “The Latin East,” NACLA

Session 1: The Politics of Art: Readings, Reflections, and Refractions

Chair: Omar S. Dahi


Houzan Mahmoud and Ismail Hamalaw, The Latin Boom in Iraqi Kurdistan,” NACLA

Lena Meari, Reading Che in Colonized Palestine,” NACLA

Roosbelinda Cárdenas and Hiba Bou Akar, “Writing about Violence,” MERIP

Sinan Antoon, “Reading César Vallejo in Arabic,” MERIP

Rania Jawad, “Traveling Pedagogies and Theaters of Violence,” forthcoming in Jadaliyya

Discussant: Eman Morsi, forthcoming in Jadaliyya

Session 2: Political Parallels and Economic Intersections

Chair: Alejandro Velasco


Paul Amar, “Military Capitalism,” NACLA

Kaveh Ehsani, “Blessing or Curse? From Resource Nationalism to Neoliberalism in the Politics of Oil in the Middle East and Latin America,” forthcoming in Jadaliyya

Cecília Baeza and Paulo Pinto, “The Syrian Uprising and Mobilization of the Syrian Diaspora in South America,” MERIP

Paulo Daniel Farah, “South-South Solidarity and the Summit of South American-Arab Countries,” MERIP

Discussant: Arang Keshavarzian, forthcoming in Jadaliyya

Session 3: Mapping Solidarities

Chair: Sinan Antoon


Tariq Dana, Palestine Beyond Slogans,” NACLA

Sara Awartani, Puerto Rican Decolonization, Armed Struggle and the Question of Palestine,” MERIP

Nadim Bawalsa, Palestine West of the Andes,” NACLA

Amal Eqeiq, forthcoming in Jadaliyya

Omar Imseeh Tesdell, “Planting Roots, Claiming Space,” NACLA

Discussant: Ella Shohat, forthcoming in Jadaliyya


Saturday, April 28:

Session 4: Confluences and Cartographies

Chair: Laura Weiss

Fernando Camacho Padilla, “Reading Latin America in Tehran,” NACLA

Marwan M. Kraidy, “A Tale of Two Modernities,” NACLA

Kevan Harris, “Divergent Histories and Converging Inequalities in the Middle East and Latin America,” NACLA

Omar Dahi and Alejandro Velasco, “Latin America-Middle East Ties in the New Global South,” NACLA

Discussant: Ali Mirsepassi, forthcoming in Jadaliyya


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