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November 30, 2021

Photo from NACLA archives

The Americas stand at a crossroads. Which path will you choose?

Down and up the hemisphere, people are uniting in the face of unprecedented political, social, and economic challenges, from the lingering effects of Covid-19 to fast mounting climate threats to growing inequality and much more. At this critical time, you need reliable, in-depth, politically informed analysis that goes beyond the mainstream. As it has been for 54 years, NACLA’s reporting is your resource for understanding the region’s politics, social movements, and complex relationship with the United States. Can we count on your support to help us continue our crucial work?

This past year, amid the challenges presented by Covid-19, we provided the unique, quality, coverage of pressing issues that you have come to expect from NACLA both in print and online. We also expanded our virtual events programming, published more than ever on our web platform, and expanded our content to feature more work in other languages. In 2021, we: 

  • Published over 200 articles on nacla.org, providing a platform for longstanding and new voices with diverse left perspectives that have shed light on antiracist movements, environmental activism, the historic uprisings sweeping the region, and much more.
  • Launched four groundbreaking issues of the NACLA Report: End of Empire? Racial Capitalism, Forced Migration, and State Violence in Haiti, a Haiti-centered issue focusing on its ongoing struggles under imperialism; Against Forgetting, an examination of how memory serves as a catalyst for change; Frontiers of Dispossession, Territories of Freedom, an in-depth analysis of racial capitalism and the struggles of Black and Indigenous peoples; and Dispatches from the Field, an exploration of the state of media and how independent journalism in the region resists and persists against all odds.
  • Hosted six virtual events to discuss topics ranging from Brazilian resistance under Bolsonaro to leftist perspectives on the Nicaraguan political crisis. 

This upcoming year, we will continue to publish historically and politically informed research and analysis and provide new virtual opportunities for our supporters to engage with us and our work. Among other initiatives, in 2022 we will:

  • Introduce a weekly book, film, and exhibit reviews section in English and Spanish on nacla.org, highlighting research and art of interest to Naclistas.
  • Publish twin issues of the NACLA Report focused on Venezuela and Brazil, offering a resource for understanding politics in these countries two decades after watershed moments for what became known as the Left turn. 
  • More seamlessly integrate our print and online coverage through the launch of a new, extra features section on our website linked to select issues of the quarterly NACLA Report.
  • Launch NACLA membership opportunities as a measure of thanks to our supporters for your contributions.

NACLA's work is made possible through your loyal support—thank you! As an extension of our thanks, we want to offer the following gifts when you donate:

  • $30 to $49 – NACLA logo sticker and bookmark
  • $50 to $74 – NACLA tote bag, sticker, and bookmark
  • $75 or more – 50th anniversary issue of the NACLA Report, tote bag, sticker, and bookmark

Will you continue to make NACLA a vital resource for news and analysis of the Americas in the new year? If you haven’t already, please consider making a tax-deductible donation or becoming a monthly contributor through our website at nacla.org/donate.

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