Did you get Alejandro's message?


Dear Naclista,

Two weeks ago, NACLA Executive Editor Alejandro Velasco sent a message asking for your support. I hope you saw it - it details all of the important work that NACLA has done over the past year: bringing the NACLA Report back to print, fusing activism and scholarship, publishing more than 100 original stories on the web, and promoting international solidarity across the Americas. Today, with the right ascendent once again across the hemisphere, NACLA's work is more important than ever. Will you support us by making a donation today?

Alejandro, Josh, and Laura—our dedicated editorial team—have been working incredibly hard over this last year to expand our coverage of the most pressing issues faced in Latin America today. We published four crucial issues of the Report this year, with in-depth analysis of the prospects for international solidarity movements, the political economy of the drug war, the new free-trade agenda, and the return of right-wing leaders in the region. For the coming year, they've pulled together the best writers and researchers in the hemisphere to cover Latin American perspectives on #BlackLivesMatter; Trump in Latin America; transitional justice and the peace process in Colombia; new developments in punishment, prisons, and policing in the region, and more. As a NACLA Board member, I'm incredibly proud of, and humbled by, the work they've done. 

As we gear up for the coming fight—against right-wing xenophobia at home, and against revanchist neoliberal economics and authoritarian politics abroad—the research and analysis that NACLA provides will be crucial. As a small, independent organization run on a shoestring budget, your support is crucial to making sure we can continue to produce our award-winning work. I hope you will join me to support NACLA today.

In solidarity,

Christy Thornton

PS - if you prefer to send a check, you can do so to the address below. NACLA is an independent, non-profit organization, so your donation is fully tax-deductible. And thank you! 

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