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George Ciccariello-Maher
March 30, 2017
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor’s From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation is a book that matters for racial justice struggles across the Americas.
James N. Green and Renan H. Quinalha
March 28, 2017
As corruption charges plague both sides of the political spectrum, a slew of controversial austerity proposals from the Temer government exacerbate polarization in Brazil. 
Patrick Timmons
March 27, 2017
How Richard Nixon’s Operation Intercept laid the foundation for decades of U.S.-Mexico border policy, including Donald Trump’s wall.
Heather Vrana
March 23, 2017
A protest by abused adolescents at a homeless shelter in Guatemala led to a massive fire that killed 40 minors. The Guatemalan state is responsible.
Roosbelinda Cárdenas
March 23, 2017
For Colombia’s Afro-Colombian communities, a peace process that seeks social inclusion alone will not remedy centuries of anti-Black racism. 
Larnies A. Bowen, Ayanna Legros, Tianna Paschel, Geísa Mattos, Kleaver Cruz & Juliet Hooker
March 20, 2017
As antiracist movements take center stage in the U.S., the long history of Black organizing across the Americas offers important lessons—and opportunities for solidarity beyond borders.
Peter Miller and Rita Barouch
March 17, 2017
With Cuba policy under the Trump administration still uncertain, Cuba solidarity activists seek to turn the tide against the embargo at the local and state level.   
Julia T. Burnell
March 15, 2017
An interview with Chilean musician Nano Stern, currently touring North America, who will be performing with NACLA this week.
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