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Since our founding, NACLA has always reported on U.S. intervention in the Latin America. And though the nature of those interventions has shifted since the dictatorships of the 1970s and 80s, U.S. hegemony now operates in new ways. You can count on NACLA to stay on the story: In our next issue, we’ll unpack what U.S. intervention in the Americas looks like now—from drug policies to Free Trade Agreements—while also examining how NSA leaks and intergovernmental bodies, like UNSASUR, might be challenging U.S. dominance. But we can’t do it without you. We have a great issue lined up, but we can’t print it unless you give today. Just as you rely on NACLA to bring you in-depth, analytic coverage of these important issues, we rely on your support to continue our reporting.

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NACLA has always operated on a shoestring budget and, as 2014 draws to a close, we are facing a significant budget deficit. We've got a great winter issue lined up—with coverage of U.S. interventionism in Latin America now, analysis of the myths of a "Latino vote," and a close examination of climate activism in the Andes. But to get the next issue to print, we need your help. Will you ensure that NACLA Report can continue on in print by making a donation of $75, $100, $150, or whatever you can afford? Your gift will go directly to printing the next issue. 

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