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December 2016

Dear Naclista,


This is a moment of disorienting change: just a few short years ago, Latin America seemed to be leading the way forward into a fairer and more just future, as leftist movements turned the tide on a neoliberal consensus that had wrought so much destruction around the world. But structures of power are not easily unseated. As I write, the right is resurgent: in Argentina with Mauricio Macri’s technocracy; in Brazil with Michel Temer’s parliamentary coup; in Colombia with Alvaro Uribe’s defeat of the historic peace deal; in the United States, with Donald Trump’s stunning election. The new issue of the Report, out now, seeks to contextualize and understand this moment. 


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Of course, NACLA has long spoken truth to power: for fifty years now, NACLA has brought the overlooked, the under-reported, and the covered-up to light. And we continue to do so today, recruiting new generations of writers, researchers, and activists from throughout the hemisphere to further our mission of providing research and analysis in the service of change. Today that mission is all the more pressing, and over the past year NACLA has renewed and deepened its commitment to social justice in the Americas in a variety of ways. To read about all we've done, and support our work, click here.


NACLA relies on donations from our generous supporters to cover fully half of our expenses. And we want to continue to grow and build on the progress we’ve made, especially as we look to the New Year, and the new challenges we’ll face under a Trump administration. We have seen that right-wing forces throughout the hemisphere have refused to give up. We must do the same, and redouble our efforts to fight for justice and equality across borders. Can we count on you?


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Alejandro Velasco
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