Open Access: "A Green New Deal for the Americas"




Daniel Aldana Cohen & Thea Riofrancos
June 9, 2020
Read the editors' introduction to our latest print issue focused on radical climate action and the prospects of ecosocialism across borders.  
Shalanda H. Baker
June 9, 2020
Climate change mitigation does not guarantee social justice. To avoid deepening inequalities, clean energy transitions must prioritize communities over profit.  
Ruth Santiago, Catalina M. de Onís & Hilda Lloréns
June 9, 2020
IThe struggle to transform Puerto Rico's flawed energy grid with locally controlled alternatives is a matter of life and death. 
Melissa Vida
June 9, 2020
On Nicaragua's Caribbean coast, Black and Indigenous forest rangers take environmental protection into their own hands.  
Sabrina Fernandes
June 9, 2020
Hope for revolutionary change requires urgent climate action now. The energy transition must be as radical as possible to endure the conditions for future struggles to overcomes capitalism.