Our latest issue, NACLA at 50, is now online!

Our latest issue, NACLA at 50, is now online!

Fifty years ago, the North America Congress on Latin America (NACLA) was born from the wreckage of the U.S.-led invasion of the Dominican Republic in 1965. In the wake of this aggression, students and activists sought a place where they could find information about and credibly interpret these events, and to present its findings in an accessible manner. From its first mimeographed and stapled Newsletter, NACLA has focused on hemispheric politics, political economy, and social movements, considered and steered away from broad considerations of imperialism and U.S. hegemony, analyzing conflicts and developments on their own terms.

As we complete our 50th year of research, publication, and activism, we look back in this issue of the NACLA Report to where we have been, how we got there, and some of the challenges—and opportunities—that lie ahead.

This issue captures NACLA's expansive breadth and depth of coverage over five decades, a stunning achievement in its own right. The issue attempts to fit 50 years of history into a single volume, following flashpoints in Latin American history and politics over the past five decades, and NACLA's coverage of them.

We’ve paired archival excerpts with modern-day reflections by NACLA contributors new and longstanding, which review, introduce, and update these topics—from an interview with Salvador Allende to reflections on the dirty wars in the southern cone, to the heat of revolutions in Central America, and to critiques of extractivism, neoliberalism, the border security regime, the terrors of the drug war—and so much more.

And, the issue is available online open access through November.

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It is our hope that these contributions are forward-facing, looking towards a brighter and more just future for the region. Adelante!

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