Please Support NACLA in our 50th Year

December 2017

Dear Naclista,


The past year has been a tumultuous one throughout the Americas. From Trump’s xenophobic treatment of immigrants and refugees here in the United States to the man-made devastation wrought by so-called “natural” disasters in Mexico and Puerto Rico; from the economic meltdown in Venezuela to the first steps toward peace in Colombia; from the entrenchment of the right-wing government in Brazil to the rollback of U.S. policy toward Cuba: these are trying times. But NACLA has remained steadfast in our commitment to making sense of our world in order to change it.


In this climate of right-wing resurgence, the research and analysis that NACLA provides is more necessary than ever. Will you donate to support our work today?


The coming year is a special one for NACLA. 2018 will mark our 50th year of publishing the Report on the Americas—50 years of speaking truth to power. From our founding in the aftermath of the U.S. military invasion of the Dominican Republic in 1965 to our analysis of U.S. support for dictators in the 1970s, reactionary forces in the 1980s, and neoliberalism in the 1990s, NACLA has remained a vital source for activists and researchers in the United States and abroad. Since our founding, we have brought you stories that have been overlooked, under-reported, or covered-up. 50 years on, we continue this work—recruiting new generations of writers, researchers, and activists from across the hemisphere to further our mission of research and analysis in the service of social justice throughout the Americas—thanks to your support.


As we look to the New Year, and the new challenges we face under the Trump administration, your support is crucial. We have seen that right-wing forces throughout the hemisphere have refused to give up. We must do the same, and redouble our efforts to fight for justice and equality across borders. Can we count on you?


We deeply appreciate the gifts that our supporters have sent so far, and if you have already given, thank you. If you have not, please consider a donation today, so that we can keep up our fight.


In solidarity,


Alejandro Velasco

Executive Editor


PS: We’re still the independent, non-profit organization we have always been, but due to an accounting error we can’t offer tax deduction confirmation until later in 2018—thanks for your understanding!