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Welcome to the website of the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA).


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II. Content Licensing


All NACLA written content--whether on nacla.org or in our magazine, Report on the Americas--is the sole property of the North American Congress on Latin America. But we make it for the people, so we're happy that you want to reuse our content. For guidelines on sharing NACLA content, please see below.



To reprint an article or any part of an article from NACLA Report on the Americas please complete and email or fax back to catesby@nacla.org our reprint form (for download, below). Fee is $250 per reprint. One-time reprint. As a courtesy, we request you our office copy of the magazine in which the NACLA Report reprint appears. Fee may be waived under certain circumstances.


Reposting of blog content is permitted and encouraged. To repost a blog, please notify NACLA offies at info@nacla.org, and provide clear author and source attribution, as well as a link back to our website (nacla.org). Repost is free.


III. Photography

Please do not reprint or reuse any NACLA photography. NACLA does not have the copyright on these images, which are sourced externally. Owners of the images must be contacted directly for permission. NACLA cannot provide contact information.


IV. E-Commerce

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NACLA has a credit-only policy for return of back issues or other merchandise. No refunds will be issued. Credit is valid indefinitely. Credit will be issued only if returned items are in good condition and all stickers, tags, or distinguishing markers from the returning parties have been removed. Permission needed only for returns over 6 months from original order date. Returns may be sent to: NACLA, 53 Washington Sq. So., Fl. 4W, New York, NY 10013 c/o NYU CLACS.