U.S. Intervention

May 15, 2024
Michael Fox

The 1979 Sandinista victory over the Somoza dictatorship sparked hope across Central America and beyond. Nicaragua quickly became ground zero of a violent U.S.-backed counterrevolutionary war.

May 10, 2024
Rebeca Joy Blemur

A new book recovers the intellectual contribution of Haitian revolutionaries to ideas of freedom, equality, and sovereignty in the Atlantic World.

April 23, 2024
Michael Fox

Augusto Sandino is celebrated as a Nicaraguan revolutionary and liberator. The U.S invasion he resisted set the stage for dictatorship and, later, revolution.

April 17, 2024
Laura Blume

Although Juan Orlando Hernández was convicted of drug trafficking in a New York court, the United States has yet to own up to its role in fostering state-sponsored drug trafficking in Honduras.

April 12, 2024
Michael Fox

In the 19th century, U.S. filibusters invaded and annexed Latin American territories in the name of Manifest Destiny. One man’s quest to conquer Nicaragua shows the deep roots of U.S. efforts to “spread democracy” abroad.

March 29, 2024
Ramón Garibaldo Valdéz

Kristina Shull’s book Detention Empire shines a light on the links between U.S. repressive counterinsurgency abroad and debilitating immigrant detention policies at home.

March 25, 2024
Mark Lewis Taylor

Israel and the United States share responsibility in perpetuating Guatemala's military-sponsored Silent Holocaust.

February 27, 2024
Michael Fox

The 2009 U.S.-backed coup ruptured Honduras’s three-decade-old democracy. Despite a media blockade, militarization, and deadly repression, the people took to the streets—and refused to back down.

January 23, 2024
Michael Fox

Broadcasting the Salvadoran government's atrocities throughout the armed conflict, the guerrilla radio station Venceremos had a clear goal: bringing down the U.S.-backed dictatorship.

January 9, 2024

U.S.-trained and sponsored state forces killed 200,000 mostly Indigenous Guatemalans in a genocide in the 1980s. Forty years later, justice remains elusive.


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