Articles by: Latin America Solidarity Coalition

July 1, 2009

The Latin America Solidarity Coalition (LASC) condemns the military coup against the democratically elected Honduran President Zelaya. The Honduran social movements, who are courageously resisting the military take-over through protests, occupations and strikes, are calling on the international community to speak up in defense of real and direct democracy, for life, justice, liberty, dignity and peace.

October 28, 2008

The Latin America Solidarity Coalition Coordinating Committee has adopted the following talking points for use by local activists to educate their communities and influence opinion makers and elected officials. With a new administration soon to be inaugurated in Washington, DC, it is time for progressive activists to demand a new foreign policy toward Latin American and the Caribbean.

May 30, 2008

The Latin America Solidarity Coalition (LASC) is standing by one of its founding members, the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), which is being harassed and intimidated by the U.S. Department of Justice. The government accuses CISPES of being the agent of a foreign government. Sign on to the open letter to reject the criminalization of U.S. solidarity with the people of Latin America.