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Dear Naclistas,

The Fall issue of the NACLA Report, “Chile 40 years later: The politics of memory and the memory of politics” is now out! This special issue brings together a selection of articles on how Chilean politics today have been informed by the coup that overthrew Salvador Allende’s government on September 11, 1973.

We've got more exciting news:  production of the Digital Edition of the NACLA Report has finished and our Google Play mobile app has launched ! If you are a subscriber, you’ll soon be able to read the full-color digital edition on any web browser or in your Android phone or tablet.

To activate your digital access, we’ll need your email address and zip code. Please send that information to by Sunday, October 6.  Early next week you’ll receive an email from our app publisher with the link to the digital edition of the issue.

Please note that our digital roll out is still in process. The Kindle Fire app should be released next week, and the Apple version the week after that (fingers crossed!). We appreciate your patience as these mobile app versions of the Report are released and as we navigate the new waters of the digital publishing world.

Once again, we want to thank all of you who donated to our Indiegogo campaign to make this possible. We are very excited to be launching the first elements of NACLA 2.0 and look forward to hearing your feedback.

We hope you enjoy the issue and the accompanying podcasts!

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P.S. We are currently having problems with the "Add to Cart" button for print issues on our website. If you want to order the print issue, please call us at 646-535-9085. 


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