Following the Money Behind the Drug Wars (Audio)

NACLA Radio takes a deeper dive into the latest NACLA Report : "Currency of Death: Unraveling the Political Economy of the Drug Wars," with interviews with Alexander Aviña, Molly Molloy, and Todd Miller.

August 5, 2016

The latest issue of the NACLA Report, “Currency of Death: Unraveling the Political Economy of the Drug Wars" takes a “follow the money” approach to understanding how the War on Drugs plays out between various groups and why the conflict seems destined to continue forever. 

In this episode of the newly relaunched NACLA podcast, Host Helen Hazelwood Isaac spoke with three contributors from the summer issue of the NACLA Report, who have begun to look at how the War itself, independent of its purported aim, has become profitable, and how all this profit reduces any incentive for those who are benefiting to end the war. Interviewees include Alex Aviña, who wrote about Mexico’s Long Dirty War and its Drug War legacies; Molly Molloy, who interviewed Mexican photojournalist Julián Cardona, who has spent decades reporting on and documenting life Ciudad Juarez; and Todd Miller, whose article examines the border security system in place in El Paso and the rapidly growing global market for border security technology.

Listen below:

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Helen Hazelwood Isaac is an incoming doctoral student in History at New York University. Helen graduated from NYU's Gallatin school in 2015, and now works as an Editorial Assistant at NACLA.

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