Did you recieve Alejandro's message?


Dear Naclista,

A few weeks ago, NACLA Executive Editor Alejandro Velasco sent a message asking for your support as we enter our 50th year. I hope you saw it—it outlines the incredibly vital work that NACLA has done over the past year: bringing another year of the NACLA Report to print, fusing activism, journalism, and scholarship, publishing more than 100 original stories on the web, and promoting international solidarity across the Americas. Today, with right-wing governments in power from Argentina to the United States and the resurgence of nationalist xenophobia accross the globe, NACLA's work speaking truth to power is more important than ever. Will you support us by making a donation today?

Alejandro, Laura, Sam, and Lauren—our dedicated editorial team—have been working harder than ever over this last year to expand our coverage of the most pressing issues faced in Latin America today. We published four groundbreaking issues of the Report this year, with an analysis of #BlackLivesMatter and anti-racist solidarity movements across the hemisphere, the fight for justice in the age of Trump, and the rising regimes of incarceration and policing in the region. In our latest issue, we looked at the threats of toxic pollution and climate disasters that today's fossil fuel economies pose to peoples and landscapes.

We're also working hard to make the coming year—our 50th in print—a brighter one for all those fighting for justice in the world. Over the coming year, we'll be building south-south solidarity between the Middle East and Latin America with events and a special collaborative issue; we'll be examining the collision of capitalism and climate change in the Caribbean; we'll be analyzing feminist organizing movements today; we'll be uncovering the the state of press freedom across the hemisphere. There is no doubt that the coming year will be difficult one, but the arc of history is long, and with your help we'll go on doing the work we do best.

As we gear up for the coming fight—against right-wing xenophobia at home, and against neoliberal economics and authoritarian politics abroad—the research and analysis that NACLA provides will be crucial. As a small, independent organization run on a shoestring budget, your support is crucial to making sure we can continue to produce our award-winning work. I hope you will join me to support NACLA today.

In solidarity,

Christy Thornton

PS: We’re still the independent, non-profit organization we have always been, but due to an accounting error we can’t offer tax deduction confirmation until later in 2018—thanks for your understanding!

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