Our latest collaborative issue, "The Latin East," is now online!

Our latest collaborative issue, "The Latin East,"

is now online!


At first glance the scene on the cover of our latest issue is unsurprising: January 2009, thousands packed into crowded streets holding signs in support of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. Since taking office ten years prior, Venezuela’s firebrand president had led an unprecedented political transformation that saw one country after another in Latin America elect left-wing governments of various stripes, each linked by a new focus on social spending, wealth redistribution, and state power following decades of neoliberal rule. In the process, Chávez earned the ire of venerable political and economic elites, and the admiration of long-sidelined popular sectors, who came to see Chávez as a champion for the poor and disenfranchised. But what makes this scene remarkable is that it took place not in Caracas, but half a world away in Ramallah, in the heart of the West Bank.

This is a watershed issue of the Report, for several reasons. Not only does it mark the first issue of NACLA’s 50th year of publication, it also finds us reaching well beyond the borders of Latin America in search of the region’s wider, global, and reciprocal influences. To do so, we have partnered with MERIP (Middle East Research and Information Project) and Jadaliyya in an unprecedented cross-regional and cross-platform collaboration. Together, we have pooled our resources, expertise, and experience to explore links both new and longstanding between parts of the world infrequently considered side by side.

Please read the rest of our Editor's Introduction here, and don't miss these and other articles tracing the multifaceted links across hemispheres:

Take a look at the issue's full table of contents here, and stay tuned—this is just the beginning. MERIP and Jadaliyya will be releasing further articles from our collaboration over the coming month, and many of the authors of these article will be gathering at the end of April in New York City for a momentous and truly groundbreaking gathering:


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