Read our latest issue "Fossil Fuels and Toxic Environments" online now!



Read our latest issue, "Fossil Fuels and Toxic Environments," online now!



A year after President Trump's inauguration, our worst climate policy nightmares have become a reality. Fossil fuel interests have hijacked every part of the new administration. Meanwhile, the intensity of global-warming fueled devastation increases daily as over a century of fossil-fueled war and violence against labor and nature rages on. Latin America is familiar with this kind of violence.

As hurricanes rip through the Caribbean and tear into Central America, it would seem common sense to acknowledge the ills of fossil fuel dependence and mobilize for radical transformation.

In the latest issue of the NACLA Report on the Americas, “Fossil Fuels and Toxic Environments," we explore the roots and consolidation of fossil fuel extraction as development policy, and how it creates a “toxic status quo” for communities in Latin America and the Latinx U.S.

Could there be an alternative to such projects and their consequences?

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