Dominican Republic

April 2, 2024
Amarilys Estrella

New expressions of ultranationalist violence censoring Black women and migrants harken back to the Trujillo dictatorship. Anyone deemed a threat to Dominican values is a potential target.

September 26, 2023
Simón Rodríguez

In the Dominican Republic, policies toward Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent bear ominous parallels with Israel’s racist repression of the Palestinian people.

January 9, 2023
Lorgia García-Peña

Erased from the archive, the remarkable story of one Afro-Dominican revolutionary illuminates the Dominican colonial desire for whiteness at the expense of Black women’s lives.

January 5, 2023
Ayendy Bonifacio

Recent acts of anti-Haitian violence and discrimination are not isolated events, but part of a long history of anti-Blackness in the Dominican Republic.

November 17, 2022
Kendall Medford

For the hundreds of thousands of Kreyòl speakers living in the Dominican Republic, the lack of language resources limits access to basic services.

March 9, 2022
Lorgia García-Peña

The Dominican government has always aligned itself with white supremacism, following the United States’ lead on immigration policies towards Haitians.

April 28, 2021
Roberto Carlos Garcia

In an interview, lawyer-advocate Rosa Iris Diendome discusses her work defending the citizenship status of Dominicans of Haitian descent, which filmmaker Michèle Stephenson chronicles in her recent documentary Stateless.

March 2, 2020
Amaury Rodríguez

Una entrevista con Ana F. Lafontaine, profesora de historia dominicana y latinoamericana, sobre la crisis electoral en la República Dominicana. 

March 2, 2020
Amaury Rodríguez

An interview with Ana L. Lafontaine, professor of Dominican and Latin American history, to discuss the electoral crisis in the Dominican Republic. 

March 22, 2019
Elena Guzmán

In the Dominican Republic, Haitian-descendants face profiling and scrutiny deep within the country’s borders. 


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