environmental destruction

March 24, 2023
Lindsay Ofrias

Suzana Sawyer’s new book uncovers the machinations of corporate power and judicial imperialism in a decades-long struggle for accountability in the Amazon.

February 22, 2023
Daniela Rebello

Among the historic ministry's first challenges are a large-scale gold mining crackdown and an investigation of genocide against the Yanomami people.

March 5, 2022
Chris N. Lesser

The recent mudslides in Petrópolis are just the latest examples of the issues of unequal access to land and precarious housing in Brazil.

October 3, 2017
Moira Birss

As threats to the environment increase across Latin America, new laws and police practices take aim against the front line activists defending their land and resources

September 25, 2007
Warren Dean
September 25, 2007
Daniel Faber
September 25, 2007
Sidney W. Mintz
September 25, 2007
William Roseberry
September 25, 2007
John C. Ryan


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