indigenous rights

February 22, 2024
Benjamin Swift with Laura Barriga Dávalos

As massive wildfires swept across Bolivia in late 2023, a classist, racist, and capitalist public outcry deflected from the primary drivers of drought and deforestation.

February 16, 2024
Carole Concha Bell

Felipe Gálvez's award-winning film Los Colonos delves into Chile’s brutal settler-colonial past, exposing the consequences of cultural extermination and resonating with Latin America's contemporary Indigenous struggles.

January 25, 2024
NISGUA with the Association for Justice and Reconciliation

As a new government takes office, Indigenous leaders are pragmatic about their hopes in Guatemala. In the struggle against a corrupt judicial system, the arc toward reconciliation is long.

January 19, 2024
Ann Louise Deslandes

The Zapatista liberation movement gathered in Chiapas to honor three decades of struggle and prepare for an uncertain future. 

January 18, 2024
Laura Hobson Herlihy

The Miskitu community along Nicaragua’s coast has long faced persecution and invisibilization. A recent increase in migration highlights the need for asylum protections for Miskitu youth.

January 12, 2024
NISGUA with Xinka Parliament

For leaders from the Xinka Parliament, one of the Indigenous authorities behind an ongoing national strike in Guatemala, the new government will provide a foundation to continue the struggle for democracy.

January 12, 2024

As a new government takes office despite repeated attempts to undermine its ascent, Indigenous leaders reflect on the indefinite national strike in defense of democracy and the struggles that still lie ahead.

December 22, 2023
Raúl Zibechi

For decades, the EZLN has informed struggles down and up the continent. Amid climate chaos and endless war, they continue to imagine and create better worlds.

December 19, 2023
Eliana Lafone and Rebecca Wilson

Kichwa activist Leo Cerda discusses the crucial role of national and global alliances in transitioning from extractive fossil fuels to greener alternatives.

December 4, 2023
Moira Millán

A Mapuche leader or weychafe expresses solidarity with Palestinian women in an open letter penned from the impotence of distance and the certainty of resistance.


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