Articles by: Pablo Stefanoni

December 22, 2021

Gabriel Boric’s resounding victory halts the Right in Chile and throughout the region. Now, he must implement a progressive platform that enacts social change while defending human rights.

October 21, 2020

Under new leadership, the MAS won a decisive victory. Now, economic crisis and a complicated situation for the regional Left will pose major challenges for the new government.  

September 30, 2019

Si gana el peronismo/kirchnerismo, seremos testigos de cómo se reinventa este espacio, que de seguro no será el kirchnerismo que ya conocemos.

October 15, 2018

The fascistic Jair Bolsonaro nearly scraped a first-round victory in Brazil, an ominous sign for both the Left and for the country’s democracy. But the values he espouses go far beyond Brazil, and it is up to the Left to devise new alternatives. 

July 3, 2017

An interview with Alejandro Velasco on the role of popular sectors in the protests and demonstrations that have continued for more than 70 days in Venezuela, with mounting injuries and deaths occurring amidst a plurality of crises. 

February 12, 2014

La llamada “emergencia indígena” combina, sin duda, tendencias a la revalorización de la autoestima étnico-cultural con contratendencias a una modernización que conlleva una matriz de consumo globalizada.