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Dear NACLA friends,

We would like to thank you for attending our 45th anniversary gala on May 10th. The sold out event raised over $35,000, and brought old and young generations of NACLA readers together in honor of Noam Chomsky, Javier Sicilia and Eduardo del Río (Rius).  Below you will find some press coverage from the media conference we hosted earlier that day.

If you were unable to attend, and haven't donated yet, please consider donating to NACLA today. Our objective is to raise a total of $45,000 through the gala and anniversary donations. Your support will help us pay for extra costs associated with the new quarterly Report, and bring more daily free coverage to our website, including web articles, video interviews, blogs, podcasts, and other multimedia.

Media Coverage:   
Democracy Now Chomsky Interview
Democracy Now Sicilia Interview
El Diario/La Prensa Sicilia Profile
Spanish News Agency EFE Sicilia Interview
La Jornada Sicilia Interview
Mexican News Agency Sicilia Interview
Radio Bilingüe Sicilia Interview
Univision News Sicilia Interview

Stay tuned for more gala coverage in our upcoming Summer issue, including transcripts from speeches, and more!

This Week  Online:
Fred Rosen: Threatened With Death, an Activist Priest Leaves Mexico (for a while)
NACLA: Revolutionary Doctors: An Interview With Steve Brouwer (Video)
Todd Miller: Streamlining the Border Patrol
Keane Bhatt: CNN: The Latest Outlet for Roger Noriega's Paranoid Speculations

NACLA Radio Podcast #2:

This is NACLA's Spring 2012 Radio Podcast. Produced and co-hosted by Ambre Auzanneau, Michael Fox, and Alexandra Hall. You can also subscribe to receive free direct downloads from NACLA Radio via Itunes.

Print Edition: Central America: Legacies of War

In the 1980s, Central America sank deep into political turmoil amid civil wars, brutal military dictatorships, and U.S. intervention. Three decades later, NACLA examines the legacies of war in Central America: Honduras is reliving its history of military coups, repression, and impunity. In Guatemala, a former dictator is charged with genocide. Across the region, former guerrillas and generals are in power, the military is again taking a disturbingly prominent role in policing, and communities are defending their land from powerful interests.

Stay tuned for upcoming interviews, event announcements, and previews.


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