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Dear friends,

NACLA would like to invite you to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive (ALBA) 76th annual gala, which will present the second ALBA/Puffin Award for Human Rights Activism to Kate Doyle and Fredy Peccerelli. Many of you became acquainted with ALBA during our co-sponsorship of the human rights documentary film series "Imugning Impunity" last fall. ALBA shares our commitment to political and social justice, and together, we hope to educate and inform generations of activists in our organizations. 

Second HR award

76th Annual Celebration   LIMITED SEATING!
Sunday, May 13, 4:30pm — 6:30pm
Museum of the City of New York

Music of the Spanish Civil War by Bruce Barthol, with Hillary Gardner, Liberty Ellman, Kenny Kocek & Dred Scott.

Reception to follow.

To purchase tickets click here

General Admision $45, Students: $25

Pre-event Benefit  FEW SEATS LEFT!

Sunday, May 13, 1:30pm — 4:00pm

Museum of the City of New York

Starts with an insiders tour of the newly inaugurated Puffin Gallery for Social Activism, which features a plaque commemorating the volunteers of the Lincoln Brigade.  Followed by a round-table discussion on "Accountability after Mass Atrocity: the Latin American Example," with the two winners of this year's ALBA/Puffin Human Rights Activism Award, alongside Prof. Greg Grandin from NYU, Daniel Wilkinson from Human Rights Watch, and filmmaker Pamela Yates. Includes a light buffet, and priority seating at the annual celebration.

Honorary Committee: Alec Baldwin, Harry Belafonte, Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen

Host Committee: Burt Cohen, Dan Czitrom, Kevin Dyer, Sebastiaan Faber, Soledad Fox, Anthony Geist, Jeanne Houck, Gabriel Jackson, Julia Newman, Ellyn Polshek, Michael Ratner, Fredda Weiss.

To purchase tickets click here.
Benefit tickets: $150 (includes priority seating at the Annual Celebration)

This Week  Online:
Emily Achtenberg: Bolivia: TIPNIS Protesters Launch National March, Seek Indigenous-Urban Alliance

Kevin Edmonds: A Colonial WikiLeaks? The Migrated Archives and the Caribbean Pt.3
Joseph Nevins: The Killing of Anastasio Hernández Rojas, and the Boundaries of Accountability

Nazih Richani: Exporting Security: Israeli and U.S. Defense Chiefs Visit Colombia
Fred Rosen: Impunity Revisited: Another Confrontation in Cherán
NACLA Radio Podcast #2:

This is NACLA's Spring 2012 Radio Podcast. Produced and co-hosted by Ambre Auzanneau, Michael Fox, and Alexandra Hall. You can also subscribe to receive free direct downloads from NACLA Radio via Itunes.

Print Edition: Central America: Legacies of War

In the 1980s, Central America sank deep into political turmoil amid civil wars, brutal military dictatorships, and U.S. intervention. Three decades later, NACLA examines the legacies of war in Central America: Honduras is reliving its history of military coups, repression, and impunity. In Guatemala, a former dictator is charged with genocide. Across the region, former guerrillas and generals are in power, the military is again taking a disturbingly prominent role in policing, and communities are defending their land from powerful interests.

Stay tuned for upcoming interviews, event announcements, and previews.


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