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December 1, 2022

Since stepping into the leadership of NACLA at the beginning of this year, we’ve thought a lot about where NACLA has been and where it’s going. One thing is clear: we know that our reporting and sharp analysis serve as tools for solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean. Today this remains as important as ever.

As we enter our 55th year in print, Latin America’s Left is on the upswing. Reinvigorated popular movements are in the streets, and a new wave of progressive leaders are in office. Yet across the Americas and beyond, the threats of an emboldened far right and the climate crisis loom large. In this moment of both hope and uncertainty, NACLA’s incisive, nuanced analysis helps make sense of the news beyond the headlines.

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This past year, as we transitioned into our roles as co-executive editors in a new shared leadership model, we had the opportunity to work with skilled NACLA staff, contributors, and guest editors on an exciting set of projects. Among other highlights, we:

We have big plans for 2023. Aside from continuing to provide a platform for analysis from diverse leftist perspectives, next year we will:

  • Launch a new website to offer improved access to our cutting-edge analysis and web archives. 
  • Create new resources for understanding Latin America today with two urgent issues of the NACLA Report focused on the new Left surge and the Amazon rainforest. 
  • Continue to expand our audio and multilingual content. 

To do all this, we need your help. We have an ambitious goal of raising $30,000 by January 1, 2023. Your support will help us to pay staff and freelance journalists in 2023 and to carry our website redesign across the finish line. We count on you to keep NACLA thriving. 

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Thank you, Naclista. We are so grateful for your support.  

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