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Enjoy additional articles from our final print issue, "Mapping the Moment," which charts the social and economic conditions shaping both U.S. hegemony and resistance today. In this week's featured articles you can read about a range of social and environmental issues, from the diversity of the LGBT movement to consequences of extractivism. Also check out a NACLA panel discussion on child immigration and original work from Chilean poet Raúl Zurita!


We hope you have been enjoying this final edition of the Report, and that you continue to follow us on!



Elisabeth Jay Friedman
For feminist organizing in Latin America, divergent identities and political beliefs must be seen as fundamental, rather than incidental, to the movement.


Nicole Fabricant and Bret Gustafson
Extractivism today shapes a new hegemonic order that is sutured to global capitalism. What might a long-term mapping of its social and economic consequences reveal?


Rachel Conrad
The Hidrotambo hydroelectric dam threatens one of Ecuador’s richest food-producing regions, without reducing Ecuador’s reliance on fossil fuels.


Rachel Conrad
"We have seen that there is bountiful knowledge and bravery here to defend the right to water. We are always united."
David Hernández
NACLA panel discussion on open borders and lessons from the summer’s child migrant crisis.


Raúl Zurita
Original publication by Chilean poet Raúl Zurita, with translation by poet Daniel Borzutzky.