January 18, 2019
Hilary Klein

What are the lessons of the EZLN's revolutionary struggle for Indigenous autonomy, a quarter-century after declaring war on Mexico and global capitalism?

July 30, 2015
Alicia Swords

Hilary Klein Klein worked in collaboration with women’s collectives in Zapatista communities in Chiapas from 1997 to 2003. Compañeras documents the changing roles, rights, and personal and political relationships that grew out of their struggle.

July 16, 2013

NACLA hosted a panel discussion on the Drug War and the Environment in Latin America at the 2013 Left Forum. Listen to economist David Barkin discuss alternative community approaches to environmental sustainability in Latin America.

March 11, 2013
For the Zapatista support bases of San Marcos Avilés, the nightmare of displacement has no end. Human rights organizations and solidarity activists warn that the Tzeltales are at risk of a displacement equivalent to that of 2010.
February 11, 2013
Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group

After 417 days of wrongful imprisonment, Zapatista Francisco Sántiz López is freed. The following is a news update from the Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group.


January 17, 2012
With an eye on Mexico’s presidency, Andrés Manuel López Obrador is reaching out to civil society—not seeking a common stance on all social issues, much less any form of explicit alliance, but to pull prominent social activists into the arena of electoral politics. The electoral arena, he argues, is where real social change can take place.
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