Bukele, Presidente | Under the Shadow Update 2

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele has been reelected in a landslide. Supporters praise his security gains despite widespread human rights abuses, and leaders across the region are looking to emulate his model.

February 7, 2024

President Nayib Bukele marks his third year in office in San Salvador, June 1, 2022. (Casa Presidencial El Salvador / Public Domain)


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El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele has been reelected. While the official results aren’t yet in, with 70 percent of the ballots counted, Bukele has received an astounding 83 percent of the votes. He declared victory on Sunday night over X, formerly Twitter. 

Host Michael Fox was on the ground for the election. He takes us there and sits down for an in-depth conversation with Dartmouth assistant professor of Latin American Studies Jorge Cuellar

They look at the vote. Concerns for the country’s democracy. Bukele’s reelection, his image, plans, and what it all means going forward.

Under the Shadow is a new investigative narrative podcast series that walks back in time, to tell the story of the past by visiting momentous places in the present. 

In each episode, host Michael Fox takes us to a location where something historic happened—a landmark of revolutionary struggle or foreign intervention. Today, it might look like a random street corner, a church, a mall, a monument or a museum. But every place he takes us was once the site of history-making events that shook countries, impacted lives, and left deep marks on the world.

Hosted by Latin America-based journalist Michael Fox.

Recorded in San Salvador, El Salvador.

This podcast is produced in partnership between The Real News Network and NACLA.

Guests: Jorge Cuellar
Sound design by Gustavo Türck.
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