Under the Shadow

This investigative podcast series takes listeners across Latin America to the scenes of some of the region’s most devastating, revolutionary, and historic moments. In Season 1, independent journalist Michael Fox dives deep into the past of Central America, uncovering the history of U.S. intervention and its lingering effects in the region today.

Under the Shadow walks back in time, to tell the story of the past by visiting momentous places in the present.


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Episode 1 – The Beginning: Monroe and Migration

In this episode, we look back on the history of the Monroe Doctrine and the devastating impact on the region. The list of U.S. invasions, occupations, coups and sanctions is endless. Hundreds. From Mexico to Panama. The Caribbean. Colombia to the tip of Chile and Argentina. No country in Latin America has remained free from the shadow hanging over them. The shadow of the United States. The shadow of the Monroe Doctrine.


Episode 2 – Guatemala: United Fruit

Host Michael Fox looks at the outsized role of the U.S. banana corporation, United Fruit, in Central America. You literally can't talk about the history of Central America in the 20th Century without mentioning it. Fox goes in search of the legacy of the company today. He travels to the Guatemalan town of Tiquisate, which was built by the company. We dig into the past and the 1954 CIA coup, which overthrew the democratically elected president in the name of U.S. corporate interests.


Episode 3 – Guatemala: The Disappeared

Host Michael Fox visits a memorial for the disappeared on the outskirts of the Guatemalan town of San Juan Comalapa. He walks back in time to the 1980s, into the country’s genocide of Indigenous peoples, uncovering the overwhelming support from the United States and then President Ronald Reagan in the name of fighting the so-called “communist threat.”


Episode 4 – El Salvador: The Innocent Victims

Host Michael Fox heads to San Salvador, where he visits a memorial for the innocent victims and looks at the legacy of El Salvador's armed conflict today.


Episode 5 – El Salvador: Rebel Radio


Michael Fox visits the Museum of Word and Image, the home of the archives of Radio Venceremos. He hears from former members of the radio about the revolutionary project and the U.S. and Salvadoran military attempts to shut it down.

Episode 6 – USS Honduras


Michael Fox visits Honduran family members of the disappeared and the walls of the largest U.S. military base in Central America, uncovering the role of Honduras as a lynchpin in Cold War-era repression across the region.

Episode 7, Part I – 2009 Honduras: La Resistencia


Michael Fox dives into the tremendous resistance to the 2009 coup. He looks at the government of ousted president Manuel Zelaya and the push back he faced from Honduran elites and the United States.


Update 1 – Arévalo, Presidente


Michael Fox returns to Guatemala, speaking to political scientist Jo-Marie Burt about the significance of President Bernardo Arévalo's inauguration.

Update 2 – Bukele, Presidente


Michael Fox returns to El Salvador for the presidential elections, which incumbent Nayib Bukele won in a landslide. He sits down for an in-depth conversation with Dartmouth assistant professor of Latin American Studies Jorge Cuéllar.