Arévalo, Presidente | Under the Shadow, Update 1

Guatemala's new president Bernardo Arévalo is now in office. But the struggle to defend democracy against the forces fixated on blocking his rise to power isn't over yet.

January 30, 2024

President Bernardo Arévalo speaks in a press conference, January 22, 2024. (Gobierno de Guatemala / Public Domain)


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Guatemala's new president Bernardo Arévalo was inaugurated on January 14. But it did not come off without a hitch. Outgoing opposition lawmakers did their best to try to stymie the swearing-in of Arévalo and some of his party members. Arévalo’s supporters rallied in Guatemala City.  

As we looked at in Episode 2, Bernardo Arévalo is the son of Guatemala's first democratic leader Juan José Arévalo, who ushered in the Guatemalan Spring. Bernardo Arévalo has promised to lift Guatemala once again, but… even after winning the election, he faced constant legal maneuvers, led by the attorney general, that aimed to overturn the results and block his inauguration.

In this update to our reporting on Guatemala, host Michael Fox speaks with political scientist Jo-Marie Burt. She was on the ground in Guatemala City for Arévalo’s inauguration. In this update, she takes us there, and looks at what it means for Arévalo’s incoming government.

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Hosted by Latin America-based journalist Michael Fox.

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