The U.S. Shadow Over Costa Rica

The abolition of Costa Rica's military 75 years ago has been highly celebrated at home and abroad. Yet the story is more complicated than the myth lets on.

July 9, 2024

President Ronald Reagan and Costa Rica's President Luis Alberto Monge Álvarez at the signing of the U.S.-Costa Rica extradition treaty at the National Theater in San José, Costa Rica, 1982. (White House Photographic Office / Public Domain)


Costa Rica has been called the “Switzerland of Latin America.” In this episode, host Michael Fox takes us on a dive into this so-called peaceful and democratic beacon for a region beset by dictatorships and violence. He looks at the myth Costa Rica has created around the elimination of the military and how the United States did its utmost to encourage San José to do its bidding.

This is Episode 11.

The National Museum of Costa Rica in San José. (Michael Fox)

A statue of José Figueres Ferrer, known as Don Pepe, outside the National Museum of Costa Rica, San José. (Michael Fox)

The historic image in the National Museum of Costa Rica of José Figueres Ferrer symbolically destroying a wall of the military barracks as he abolished Costa Rica's military in 1949. (Michael Fox)

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In each episode, host Michael Fox takes us to a location where something historic happened—a landmark of revolutionary struggle or foreign intervention. Today, it might look like a random street corner, a church, a mall, a monument, or a museum. But every place he takes us was once the site of history-making events that shook countries, impacted lives, and left deep marks on the world.

Hosted by Latin America-based journalist Michael Fox.

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Here’s the link for Kyle Longley’s book, Sparrow and the Hawk: Costa Rica and the United States during the Rise of Jose Figueres.

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