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The Instruction (Part III) by John Gibler. "State terrorism." (THIAGO DEZAN / CIDH / CC BY 2.0)
November 22, 2023

AMLO promised truth and justice. The former special prosecutor reveals how the administration derailed the case and sided with the Army.

November 21, 2023

AMLO promised to deliver truth and justice for 43 disappeared students and their families. The former special prosecutor recounts how his work was undermined.

The Instruction (Part I) by John Gibler. Andrés Manuel López Obrador (photographed in center), then president-elect, poses with the Ayotzinapa families on the fourth anniversary of the disappearances, September 26, 2018. (THIAGO DEZAN / CIDH / CC BY 2.0)
November 20, 2023

Mexico’s president promised to deliver truth and justice for the 43 disappeared students and their families. The former special prosecutor reveals what happened instead.

November 16, 2023

The city of Sevilla gave the award show €19 million to host the event and now expects a $530 million profit.

November 14, 2023

Ultra-right politician Javier Milei will face Sergio Massa in a run-off election in Argentina on November 19 amid currency devaluation and growing indebtedness. A feminist analysis brings the stakes of the vote into focus.

November 14, 2023

El candidato ultraderechista Javier Milei se enfrentará a Sergio Massa en una segunda vuelta electoral en Argentina el 19 de noviembre. Un análisis feminista pone de relieve lo que está en juego en la votación.

November 14, 2023

Viewed in light of Latin America's recent progressive wave, diverging electoral results in Ecuador and Argentina generate hope and uncertainty.

November 14, 2023

Los resultados electorales en Ecuador y Argentina generan esperanza e incertidumbre desde el ciclo progresista que se ha instaurado los últimos años en América Latina.

November 9, 2023

President Nayib Bukele leverages an antagonistic stance against El Salvador’s past to consolidate his political power.

November 9, 2023

Legal U.S. firearm sales to Latin American countries are on the rise, arming violent actors in Mexico, Guatemala, and elsewhere. U.S. gun export policies need more than tweaking.

Cover of "After Servitude: Elusive Property and the Ethics of Kinship in Bolivia" by Mareike Winchell. (University of California Press, 2022)
November 3, 2023

Mareike Winchell’s ethnography of post-hacienda life in Bolivia’s Ayopaya province reveals the complex afterlives of servitude, but fails to weigh the comparative scale between deference and refusal.

November 2, 2023

Despite Colombia’s deep historical ties to both Israel and the United States, Petro has been one of the most outspoken leaders in support of Palestine, calling for peace both at home and abroad.