New Pieces and Collaborations at NACLA!

NACLA Update


Dear Naclistas,


Lots of exciting new material over at NACLA! This week features two articles from Annie Wilkinson- one on the strugle Ecuador faces in regulating rehababilitation centers that offer "dehomosexualization" programs, and another on the resistance the "ex-gay" movement is meeting across Latin America. Plus read our recent pieces on the challenges and strategies we can expect from Evo Morales's third term and ramped up military spending in Mexico. 


Also be sure to check out our new collaboration with our friends at Radio Ambulante, where we feature their fantastic podcasts and offer additional analysis with related material from the NACLA archives. This week's "When Havana Was Friki," takes a look at heavy metal in Cuba during the Special Period. 


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Change is Possible: Sexual Conversions and Imperial Aspirations in the Americas

Annie Wilkinson
March 30, 2015

Exodus Global Alliance is helping to spread the “ex-gay” movement across Latin America, but not without resistance from activists and lawmakers. 


Emily Achtenberg
Rebel Currents
March 28, 2015

The strategy of “defeating” the political right by incorporating elite sectors into Bolivia's ruling MAS party will be put to the test in Evo Morales’s third term.


Annie Wilkinson
March 25, 2015

Ecuador's Ministry of Health is struggling to close or regulate hundreds of private rehabilitation centers, some of which profit from offering "dehomosexualization." 


John Lindsay-Poland
March 23, 2015

Mexico has purchased at least $1.15 billion in military equipment from the United States over the past year. 


Nicki Fleischner
March 25, 2015

Cuba's heavy metal scene during the Special Period.