This Week on Bolivia Election Coverage, Essential Workers in Brazil & The Minga Arrives in Bogotá


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October 23, 2020
The Minga, made up of Indigenous, Black and campesino collectives, continued to Bogotá after President Iván Duque left an empty seat when invited to a debate. 
October 21, 2020
Under new leadership, the MAS won a decisive victory. Now, economic crisis and a complicated situation for the regional Left will pose major challenges for the new government.    
October 21, 2020
Deemed essential workers during the Covid-19 public health emergency in Brazil, caregivers hired to assist the elderly are facing pay cuts, longer hours, and compulsory quarantine.
October 20, 2020

The landslide MAS victory comes as a sigh of relief after signs of voter intimidation and a year of democratic rollbacks and human rights abuses.