June 18, 2021
Gelien Matthews

At the University of the West Indies, the campaign to rename Milner Hall highlights a decolonial struggle for historic reparations.

June 14, 2021
María Amelia Viteri, María Fernanda Ugalde, y O. Hugo Benavides

En la lucha reivindicativa por los derechos LGBTQI+ y contra la transfobia, hay que elevar las diversas expresiones pre-coloniales de género y sexualidad.

July 25, 2014
In recent months, Bolivia has witnessed dramatic rebellions by rank-and-file military and police officers. Are these mobilizations a threat to the goverment of President Evo Morales, or an example of pragmatic protest politics at work during an election year?
February 24, 2013
Michael González-Cruz

The general elections of November 6 in Puerto Rico presented a great challenge to the national liberation movement. Through the work of the political action committee ¡Boricua ahora Es! (Puerto Rico, Now!), we succeeded in uniting nearly all the political tendencies of the country with the goal of ending our colonial-territorial status with the United States.

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