March 7, 2014
Upcoming run-off elections in El Salvador and Costa Rice look positive for social democratic candidates. Sánchez Cerén and Solís take their policies to the polls. 
January 14, 2014
Joseph Nevins

As Cesar Chavez embarked on high-profile fasts and associated activities, his self-sacrifice made him saint-like in the eyes of many. It also allowed Chavez to do things that appeared as antithetical to everything for which he stood. Joseph Nevins reviews Frank Bardacke's Trampling Out the Vintage: Cesar Chavez and the Two Souls of the United Farm Workers.

December 31, 2013
In past weeks, the governments of Ecuador and Bolivia moved to shut down or expel major NGOs (non-government organizations) that work on issues of the environment, extractivism, and indigenous rights. Is this a reasoned assertion of sovereignty against foreign intervention or a move against social movements and democracy through an attack on their bases of foreign support?
October 16, 2013
While it is still early in the process, it appears that Grenada is embarking on a hopeful quest to restructure its debt without undertaking the traditional demands of significant cuts to public sector budgets and widespread privatization programs. What makes Grenada’s position important is that the government has not been negotiating with the IMF in the traditional antidemocratic manner.  Instead, the people are playing a crucial role in this consulation.
September 25, 2007
William I. Robinson
September 25, 2007
September 25, 2007
Mimi Keck


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