Articles by: Pamela Yates

November 9, 2018

Thirty years after NACLA first reported on Efraín Ríos Montt’s genocide in Guatemala, its revelations stand the test of time. From our 50th anniversary issue, available open access for a limited time.

April 24, 2018

Part of a roundtable reflecting on the death and legacy of dictator Ríos Montt. Read the rest here.

January 19, 2015

As the trial resumes, I share a clip from our 1983 film “When the Mountains Tremble.” Here Rigoberta Menchú begins a story that continues today in the courtroom.

January 5, 2015

Skylight Pictures’ ‘Dictator in the Dock’ throws open the trial doors to the world.

September 10, 2014

Martín Rodríguez Pellecer, co-founder of Plaza Pública, on how his new media outlet Nómada fits into the boom in Latin American journalism that could reshape the region. 

September 9, 2014

Martín Rodríguez Pellecer, cofundador de Plaza Pública, cuenta cómo su nuevo medio digital Nómada encaja en el boom de periodismo latinoamericano que podría transformar la región.