Articles by: William I. Robinson

August 20, 2021

Washington's principal concern in Nicaragua is not getting rid of Ortega but preserving the interests of transnational capital.

August 19, 2021

Despite its revolutionary rhetoric, the Nicaraguan government has implemented policies that veer away from the Sandinistas’ socialist roots.

August 3, 2012

The new face of global capitalism is everywhere in Latin America, from the fast-food chains and superstores that dominate local markets to vast new fields of soy run by transnational agribusiness. This article is the introduction to the Summer 2012 issue of the NACLA Report on the Americas, "Latin America and the Global Economy."

March 13, 2008

Latin America has been the cutting edge of struggles worldwide against neoliberalism. Several alternatives to the dominant model of global capitalism appear to be emerging in the region. A new model of revolutionary struggle and popular transformation from below for the 21st century may be emerging, based on the Venezuelan experience, but more broadly, on mass popular struggles in Ecuador, Bolivia, and elsewhere.