Bolivian Healthcare Under Threat, Art and Resistance in Chile, Colombia's National Strike, & More


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December 19, 2019
Under the Morales administration, Indigenous healthcare beliefs and practices stepped out from long shadows cast by colonialism and racism. Those achievements are now under threat.
December 16, 2019
Professor Keymer Ávila has recently been the target of a smear campaign in Venezuela. 
December 16, 2019
Peace has become the central axis of political-economic contestation in Colombia, as competing visions of what peace means to different sectors play out in the streets. 
December 11, 2019
The movement against racist immigration policing and the detention of child migrants in San Diego in the 1980s offers important lessons in keeping open borders at the forefront of activism. 
December 10, 2019
Known as the epicenter of anti-austerity rebellion during Bolivia’s Gas War, El Alto remains a powerful example of the potential for local movements to leverage their cities to shape national politics.
December 9, 2019
Artistic expression is not only central to the protests in Chile—it's part of a long national tradition of resistance. 
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