May 26, 2020
Paola Canova

Overcrowding, poor sanitation, inadequate medical attention, and delays in testing prime Paraguay’s quarantine shelters to spread the virus, rather than contain it.

April 23, 2020
William Costa

As Paraguay fights off a global pandemic, the govenment is debating—perhaps misplaced—reform. 

March 5, 2020
Christine Mathias

150 years after the deadliest inter-state conflict in Latin American history, a reflection on Paraguay's past—and how it affects the present. 

March 5, 2020
Christine Mathias

Si se combina con una comprensión más matizada de la historia, el sentido de identidad nacional de los paraguayos resultará valioso en la campaña para construir un Estado más fuerte y una nación más igualitaria.

November 26, 2019
William Costa

The conviction of the murderer of a trans woman in Paraguay was a small victory in an uphill battle.

August 13, 2019
Alanna Elder

A controversial energy deal and behind-closed-doors negotiations symbolize for many a “surrender” of Paraguayan sovereignty to Brazil and harken back to the dictatorship-era corruption that gave rise to the Itaipu dam.

April 8, 2019
Fernando Brancoli

The Paraguay-Argentina-Brazil border region has long been home to immigrants from Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. In recent decades, Brazil has come to see these Muslim communities as a singular terrorist threat, with the help of U.S. empire.

May 3, 2018
Pamela Kalkman

What does one journalist’s murder at the hands of the state mean for freedom of the press in Paraguay?

December 19, 2016
Bryan Pitts, Rosemary Joyce, Russell Sheptak, Kregg Hetherington, Marco Castillo & Rafael Ioris

A reflection on the ousters of presidents Manuel Zelaya, Fernando Lugo, and Dilma Rousseff—and the emergence of the “parliamentary” or “soft” coup as a new technique to thwart the consolidation of social and economic rights in the region.

October 11, 2016
Gustavo Setrini

Do recent mass protests by Paraguayan students represent the beginning of a political awakening? 


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