November 16, 2020
Lucía Cholakian Herrera

A land occupation on the outskirts of Buenos Aires showed the cracks in an increasingly unequal system and the resilience of community organization.

October 13, 2020
Virginia Tognola

Fires are increasing in frequency and are often intentionally set to open up lands for speculative business interests.

July 8, 2020
Cora Fernández Anderson

The pandemic put anticipated legislative progress on Argentina’s abortion reform on hold, but activists are determined to keep up the momentum.

June 16, 2020
Claire Branigan

Under lockdown in Buenos Aires, women-organized community kitchens continue to sustain neighborhoods and popular movements. 

May 12, 2020
Lucía Cholakian Herrera

Ofelia Fernández is the youngest lawmaker in Latin America. Despite online hate, she's leading the youth movement for the political rights of women. 

April 29, 2020
Nicholas Cunningham

The government of Argentina may be just weeks away from a major debt default. Its years-long gamble on fracking is not the solution.

March 24, 2020
Lucía Cholakian Herrera

The struggle to hold the military to account for crimes against humanity are a part of Argentinian identity. A group of grandmothers leads the story of that struggle.

January 30, 2020
Ernesto Semán

A look back at the factors that led to Peronism—and populism's—resurgence in Argentina. 

October 29, 2019
Santiago Anria and Gabriel Vommaro

Sunday's elections in Argentina demonstrate that pronouncements of the death of the Left in Latin America were premature. 

October 26, 2019

A NACLA reading list to put Argentina’s contentious elections, and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s resurgence, into context.


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