May 19, 2023
Pablo Ospina Peralta

To head off an impeachment vote, Guillermo Lasso chose the nuclear option. Amid polarization and a protracted political stalemate, what comes next remains uncertain.

May 2, 2023
Luis Barrios

President Guillermo Lasso’s Commission for Penitentiary Dialogue and Pacification was a failure. Now, a new Prison Observatory seeks to generate broad-based solutions to Ecuador’s prison crisis.

March 24, 2023
Lindsay Ofrias

Suzana Sawyer’s new book uncovers the machinations of corporate power and judicial imperialism in a decades-long struggle for accountability in the Amazon.

July 15, 2022
Andrea Sempértegui

A new book traces the rise of Indigenous and peasant demands for a moratorium on mining in Ecuador.

June 28, 2022
Alana Ackerman

Although the international resettlement system considers Ecuador to be a safe country, refugees tell a different story.

June 23, 2022
Marc Becker

Ten days into the strongest challenge yet to President Guillermo Lasso’s government, the protests only appear to be growing.

April 15, 2022
Gerard Coffey

A conversation with author Japhy Wilson about his recent book examining Rafael Correa’s plans for the Amazon during his time as president of Ecuador.

March 16, 2022
Jorge Núñez

Official narratives explaining deadly riots in Ecuador’s prisons fail to recognize the state’s role in fomenting the violence.

August 31, 2021
Gabriela Barzallo

En la prolongada lucha por la rendición de cuentas en la Amazonía ecuatoriana, Steven Donziger es víctima de represalias corporativas, dicen sus partidarios.

August 31, 2021
Gabriela Barzallo

In the protracted fight for accountability in Ecuador’s Amazon, Steven Donziger is a victim of corporate retaliation, supporters say.


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