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February 1, 2018
National Coordination of the Homeless Workers Movement

Brazil's Homeless Workers' Movement (MTST) gives eight reasons why Lula’s conviction was unjust.

February 1, 2018
Plínio de Arruda Sampaio Jr.

The future of Brazilian democracy doesn't rest with Lula, but with the oppressed of Brazil.

February 1, 2018
Victor Marques and Maria Caramez Carlotto

Lula's persecution represents a narrowing of Brazilian democracy with far-reaching consequences.

January 17, 2018
Jonathan Devore

How looking at the roots of the Odebrecht empire helps us to understand its current crisis.

December 27, 2017
Jonathan DeVore


How a history of land speculation and dispossession in southern Bahia foreshadowed Odebrecht’s fall from grace

March 28, 2017
James N. Green and Renan H. Quinalha

As corruption charges plague both sides of the political spectrum, a slew of controversial austerity proposals from the Temer government exacerbate polarization in Brazil. 


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