September 8, 2022
Noam Titelman / Nueva Sociedad

The majority of Chileans voted against the proposed new constitution. How can we interpret the “no” vote’s significant victory?

August 31, 2022
Evan King

Durante décadas, las abundantes reservas de petróleo de Arauca han provocado conflicto entre grupos armados ilegales, el ejército colombiano y empresas multinacionales.

August 25, 2022
Evan King

For decades, oil-rich Arauca has been the site of intense conflict involving illegal armed groups, the Colombian military, and multinational corporations. 

August 19, 2022
Humberto J. Rocha and Madeline McSherry

A mayor’s edict in the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood of Mexico City whitewashes rótulos, the iconic designs of street vendors that have adorned city streets for generations.

August 18, 2022
Joshua Collins and Daniela Díaz

The new government calls for negotiations with armed groups and new approaches to the war on drugs that includes affected communities.

August 12, 2022
Daniel Rey

Historian Peter J. Watson's first book examines how former Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos used sports to garner support for his peace process with the FARC. 

July 13, 2022
Arlette Gay, Christian Sánchez, and Cäcilie Schildberg / Nueva Sociedad

Although an overwhelming majority of Chileans supported the need for a Constitutional Convention, the results of the September 4 vote on the new charter remain unpredictable.

July 7, 2022
Alice Maciel and Bruno Fonseca / Agência Pública

At a national convention for gun rights activists, a public official from the Brazilian Secretariat of Culture pledged state resources to arms lobbyists.  

June 14, 2022
Mikael Wolfe and Christian Robles-Baez

La segunda vuelta será una competencia estrecha entre izquierdista Gustavo Petro y el populista de extrema derecha Rodolfo Hernández, para quién los grupos tradicionales de poder van anunciando su apoyo.

May 26, 2022
Joshua Collins

Political polarization, demonstrations of power by armed groups, security threats, and false alarms as campaigns close a week before polls.


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